Heart Shape Black Forest Cake

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A classic Black forest in heart shape is truly a mesmerizer. This heart shape cake in black forest flavour is the best combination of taste and beauty. Beauty with taste can be another name for this delectable treat. The classic Germany based cake which is covered with thick layers of chocolate cream and the top adorned with whipped cream.

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The Black Forest cake is a Germany based cake. Few people say that it’s named after the famous Black Forest Mountain in the south-west region of Germany but in reality, it got the name from two different sources. Firstly it is named after the famous liquor of the black forest mountain range that is Schwarzwälder Kirsch (Wasser). This liquor is used in Germany to give the cake its natural flavour. Secondly, the name is also based on the traditional dress of this mountain region. The colour of the dress is black/brown plus white and the cap is adorned with the red pom-pom. The colour black/brown is for chocolate and the white is for whipped cream and the pom poms are the red cherries on top.


This scrumptious cake has spongy layers. Each layer is of chocolate and is frosted with the layering of chocolate. The top of the cake is frosted with the thick layering of whipped cream.  The chocolate flakes and red cherries are plus points in terms of taste and looks. The major ingredients of this scrumptious treat are flour, butter, sugar, cream, chocolate cream, chocolate flakes, eggs and the sweet juicy cherries. Eggless cake is also available and for this you have to click on checkbox button.

Customizations are available. Extra charges will be charged for variations.


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